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04 / 12 / 2023


Hotel / Gym / SPA


Fresh Hotel, Atene


A splendid renovation project inspired by a new living style, featuring surfaces from ABK designed by OTTO Studio - Paola Navone

Blue and turquoise are the colours of the Mediterranean, evoking the sea and ancient architecture of the Cyclades Islands, locations that have always provided inspiration for Milan-based designer Paola Navone. Together with Gianpaolo Venier and Cristina Pettenuzzo from OTTO Studio, she redesigned the interiors of Fresh Hotel in Athens using surfaces from the Poetry House porcelain tile collection developed in collaboration with ABK.
This renovation project harmoniously intertwines ancient and modern elements to create spaces with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Fresh Hotel’s new look stands out for its dual identity, at once avant-garde and classical in harmony with the spirit of the Greek capital as a city of contrasts.
The recent renovation has softened the building’s original concrete-and-glass modernist style through the use of materials such as porcelain stoneware, which allows for greater visual plasticity. OTTO Studio’s delicate design concept has led to the creation of light, eclectic and highly contemporary Mediterranean atmospheres. The colours inspired by air and water, the natural finishes of the surfaces, the materials and craftsmanship of the decorations rooted in local traditions are not mere details but essential elements that make a vital contribution to the overall project.
The glamorous, vintage-style bathrooms feature Poetry Decor Stamp floor tiles from ABK and Paola Navone - OTTO Studio, an original plaster-effect porcelain surface decorated with handmade white glaze patterns which add a further retro touch. The terrace is also paved with a surface from ABK’s extensive Poetry House catalogue, in this case the Poetry Stone series for outdoor use. It is consistent in style and colour with the rest of the project and features the Carpet Paint Ash decorative motif in a 120x120 cm size.
The veined stone effect is accentuated by the patterns created by the designer, which stand out for their intentionally imperfect and creative style. In the philosophy of Studio OTTO - Paola Navone, decorations are suitable for both walls and floors, emphasising the significance of unique and instinctive gestures as aesthetic values without losing their sense of playfulness.
The hotel’s restyling is completed by elegant touches, such as colourful ceramic plates on the walls, distinctive fish-shaped door handles, iconic French lamps, and a splendid swimming pool and terrace overlooking the Acropolis. All these elements come together to create the perfect ambience for a contemporary, original and exclusive vacation.




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