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16 / 04 / 2024



Public spaces


BiMstrò Fuorimano Bicocca Milano

The temporary café designed by Paola Navone

Colourful, pop, informal, BiMstrò is a temporary café designed by Paola Navone - Otto Studio inside BiM, open to the public every day. Located on the ground floor of BiM, in Viale dell'Innovazione 3, BiMstrò covers 135 square metres (of which 60 inside and 75 outside) combining food and design, culture and sociability, work and leisure in an unconventional ephemeral architecture: "A breaking gesture in a space with a rigorous architectural identity that is transformed into a place of welcome and rest, capable of activating relationships with the neighbourhood and among people," explains Paola Navone.
The designer plays with the concept of upcycling - a distinctive element of all her projects - using existing, raw, poor and salvaged objects and materials in an unexpected way, with handmade finishes: the installation, curated by Pollodesign, is a creative mix of scratched plaster, graphic signs drawn with a roller, galvanised sheet metal, glue, cement and stoneware. On the walls, fluorescent yellow adhesive tape draws imaginative and iconic patterns. Meticulous research into raw materials led to a selection of highly specialised partners, bearers of excellence and savoir-faire.
The lively and cosy atmosphere of the small bistrot continues in the outdoor space, thanks to an opening in the façade that connects interior and exterior: here are the multifunctional social tables, made with materials from the ABK Poetry Stone collection, developed in collaboration with Paola Navone and OTTO studio, destined to host moments of meeting and aggregation that activate the square and the neighbourhood, immersed in a garden with plants growing in regenerated metal barrels and lantern threads. A playful and flexible space - created together with landscape architect Antonio Perazzi - that hints at the future convivial vocation of the project.




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