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20 mm thick porcelain pavers are hi-tech products ideal for use in outdoor spaces. The extraordinary loading strength and wear resistance of extra-thick porcelain allows for innovative applications and alternative installation techniques.

In parks and gardens, on beaches and in residential backyards, 20 mm porcelain stoneware can be dry laid directly on grass, gravel or sand to create walkways and accessorised areas, a solution that has the convenience of allowing the slabs to be rapidly repositioned if necessary. Alternatively, they can be fixed to the screed using conventional adhesive to create vehicular areas such as parking spaces and garages. When under-floor cavities for utilities are needed, or in the case of uneven surfaces, raised installation on adjustable supports is the most reliable and practical solution.

The 20 mm thick tiles coordinate perfectly with the ceramic collections developed by ABKGROUP for interior spaces and help to expand the design potential of porcelain. The continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces is also reflected in terms of ease of cleaning and maintenance of the ceramic material. This is particularly important for example when kitchens and items of furniture are installed in outdoor spaces used for socialising and entertaining guests.

With its non-deformable, frost resistant and R11 grip surface, porcelain offers excellent anti-slip performance and is the ideal paving material for exteriors.